Tarab Chorus

Tarab is an ever-evolving group of sincere individuals who chose to sing Traditional Arabic music


Mission Statement

The group's essential focus is on the inner spirit which bellies all music and interpersonal relations. Tarab was created to uphold and promote the art of Arabic music and positively promote it to Arabic local communities as well as other communities.


The Tarab Chorus was founded in 1997 to revive and preserve Classical Arabic music. Tarab seeks to provide a cross-cultural bridge between East and West through the art of music and singing. The group’s primary goals are to preserve the authentic classical art forms of Arabic music and to serve the Arab and American communities of Massachusetts and beyond. Members of Tarab come from all walks of life, and their enthusiasm and dedication over the years have refined and nuanced their singing of Classical forms such as


Al-Mouwashah, Al-Dawr, and Al-Taqtouqa.


The time periods covered by the group span from the 10th century through the early 20th century.


Since 1997

Tarab Chorus has performed at many different Universities and Organizations.

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